Vitalzym Cardio (Call for Discount)
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Vitalzym Cardio

About this item
REDUCE FATIGUE: Vitälzȳm Cardio has been shown that it may help digest excess fibrous tissue (protein buildup) improving blood viscosity & flow. It may also help dissolve existing clots (thrombus) by dissolving fibrin*

HELPS YOU: Maintain circulation, inflammation & immune response, increase stamina levels, reduce pain, fatigue, sleep issues, prevent cardiac risk* Vegetarian capsules contain no gluten or yeast

RELIEF: Employs a unique formula that may help reduce stacked red blood cells, improve circulatory system, capillary structure, healthy vascular function, assist with blood and artery cleansing*

INGREDIENTS: Nattokinase (highly fibrinolytic supports blood mobility & heart function*) Systemic & Digestive Enzymes, Protease, Bromelain, Amylase, Papain, Serreapeptase, Co-Q10, Rutin, Amla, & Lipase

PROPRIETARY BLEND: Also contains Magnesium Citrate and CoQ10, which work together as a highly potent and powerful antioxidant that may benefit cardiovascular health by improving energy to cells and increasing metabolism*


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