Super Seed Powder

Beyond Fiber: Nutrient-Rich Fiber Formula

Super Seed Powder
Garden of Life
Status: Available
Super Seed Powder

Quantity Per Unit - 600 grams powder
Manufacturer - Garden of Life

* Provides a highly usable, nutrient-dense, vegetarian source of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber

* Improves bowel regularity and decreases colonic transit time (natural remedy for constipation)

* Promotes beneficial flora in the intestines

* Aids in the digestion of grains, seeds and legumes

* Neutralizes enzyme and nutrient inhibitors such as phytates

Super Seed by Garden of Life is a powerful whole food formula that supplies your body with a highly usable, nutrient-dense, vegetarian source of dietary fiber. Super Seed is a whole food blend of certified organic and chemical-free seeds, sprouted grains and legumes. Each of the ingredients in Super Seed supplement was specifically chosen for its exceptional ability to enhance and support bowel health.

The role fiber plays in a healthy diet became startlingly apparent in the late 1800s, when processes for refining sugar and milling flour were introduced. As people began consuming new "wonder foods" void of dietary fiber, they simultaneously started suffering from digestive and bowel disorders. It is a wonderful natural remedy for constipation. Now, after three generations raised on processed foods, up to 100 million Americans suffer some form of digestive disease.

Super Seed is a rich source of flax seed, chia seed, sprouted quinoa, sprouted amaranth, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, sesame seed, millet, buckwheat, fiber from garbanzo, red lentil, kidney and adzuki beans, and cinnamon, a potent harmonizer with considerable digestive value. Formulated with our exclusive Poten-Zyme fermentation process, Garden of Life's Super Seed delivers maximum bio-availability and absorption. One of the most effective and gentle natural remedies for constipation.

Give your body the whole food fiber it needs for vital bowel and colon function and overall good health with Super Seed.

Super Seed Q & A
Why is dietary fiber important?
How do I take Super Seed?
What makes your Super Seed supplement better than other fiber supplements?

Why is dietary fiber important?

Vibrant health begins in the colon, and supplying your body with adequate dietary fiber every day is essential to bowel and colon functions. The benefits of the dietary fiber found in Super Seed supplement include:
* Assists in the removal of cholesterol and triglycerides from the body
* Stimulates pancreatic enzyme activity
* Helps stabilize blood glucose levels
* Supports weight loss by providing a feeling of fullness
* Helps reduce calorie absorption
* Enhances absorption of bile acids and salts
* Stimulates sluggish bowels - a natural remedy for constipation

How do I take Super Seed?

Super Seed supplement is a grain that can be mixed in smoothies, vegetable or fruit juice, cereal, yogurt or soups. In fact, Super Seed can add nutritional value and fiber to nearly any food or beverage.

What makes your Super Seed supplement better than other fiber supplements?

Many other fiber supplements rely on insoluble fiber alone and provide very little in the way of nutrition. Some ingredients in popular fiber products, such as psyllium, can actually do harm to the sensitive walls of the gastrointestinal tract. Super Seed utilizes soluble and insoluble fiber from pre-digested grains, seeds and legumes that are easy to digest and gentle on the system. Super Seed is also a rich source of nutrients including balanced levels of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.

Suggested Use For Super Seed

Mix 2 or more tablespoons with any food ro beverage (room temperature or cooler) and consume immediately. Super Seed can be mixed in smoothies, vegetable or fruit uice, cereal, yogurt, soups or eaten right off the spoon. Super Seed can add nutritional value and fiber to nearly any food or beverage.

One serving (2 tablespoons or 20g)contains the Potent-Zyme blend of living whole foods, including flax*, sunflower*, chia, sesame, and pumpkin seeds, as well as adzuki beans*, millet*, sprouted quinoa*, garbanzo beans*, buckwheat*, sprouted amaranth*, red lentils*, cinnamon*, kidney beans* and stevia.
*Certified Organic

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Copyright 2003 Garden of Life, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Super Seed Powder

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