CUTTING EDGE NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS ... ProHealth Solutions does not stock hundreds of commercial quality nutritional products. Our Certified Clinical Nutritionist selects only the most innovative, wholesome and pure products. We specialize in organic, whole food nutrition and select only high grade nutraceuticals, and chemical-free, all natural personal care items and cosmetics.

SAVINGS ... You get a discount on every purchase - and we promise to better any advertised prices you find on the internet. You may qualify for additional discounts when purchasing in quantity. Free Shipping is standard for orders over $75 for products shipped within the United States and only $5.95 for orders under $75.

QUALITY ... We stock products and supplements from outstanding manufacturers like Garden Of Life, Vitalzym, Standard Process, Medi-Herb, Designs for Health, Harmony, Love At First Touch and others. Our customers are those who demand and receive the best quality products available.

Founded by Jordan Rubin, Garden of Life products allow you to experience the unequaled benefits of premium whole food nutrition. Each Garden of Life whole food product is formulated by Jordan Rubin to uniquely provide an effective combination of nature's most powerful whole foods and ingredients for optimized nutrition your body can easily digest and absorb. The No. 1 selling probiotic on the market, Primal Defense contains powerful Homeostatic Soil Organism blends, or HSOs. Primal Defense brings balance to your system and optimizes your body's digestive terrain - Primal Defense is foundational to our health.

In addition, Jordan Rubin's latest book, the Maker's Diet, introduces a revolutionary, complete health and wellness program for the body, mind and spirit. Maker's Diet Success Kit and Maker's Diet Clenzology and all whole food products from Garden of Life are available from ProHealth Solutions at 30% off the retail prices!

Vitalzym, another of our flagship products, is an extraordinary systemic enzyme formula with anti-inflammatory properties. Vitalzym promotes healthy circulation, cleanses the blood, and guards against the formation of fibrin. Some conditions that Vitalzym may help are: chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, fibroids, angina, and much more.*

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