Security Policy

ProHealth Solutions, the owner of this Website, supports secure online transactions through the use of secure server technology. This site uses a digital Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate through Comodo, using a 128-bit encryption algorithm to encrypt any data before it is sent over the Internet. This digital certificate is issued to ProHealth

This site uses forms that you fill out to request information, products, or services. These forms collect information, such as your personal, financial or credit card information. Any information collected will be used solely for billing and payment purposes unless otherwise indicated.

You can view this site's digital certificate directly by clicking on the gold padlock on the bottom of any secure page of this site or by right clicking on any secure page and viewing page properties.

Depending on how your SSL compatible browser is configured, when you request a secure document from a Website, an alert message saying that you are requesting a secure document appears. When you click on continue, the page will load, indicating security is in effect. For Netscape/Mozilla users, a closed lock will appear at the bottom left of the browser screen. For Internet Explorer users, a closed lock will appear the bottom right of the browser screen.
To check your browser SSL status
Browser Secure Unsecured
Netscape/Mozilla Netscape secure Netscape unsecure
Internet Explorer IE secured NO ICON
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