Electro-Magnetic Frequency or Pollution (EMFs)

EMFs are all around us.
Virtually every cell phone, computer, electrical appliance and device, as well as all power lines - including the electrical wiring in your home -- emit various levels of this invisible radiation. Like microwaves or radio waves, you cannot see, feel or taste EMFs, but in large enough doses, EMFs poses a very dangerous stressor.

Numerous studies -- including government-sponsored studies in Europe -- have proven beyond doubt the harmful effects of EMFs on the human body. And the presence of EMFs continues to grow at an unprecedented rate!

The Greatest Dangers...

Unfortunately the greatest dangers -- i.e. those devices emitting the highest levels of dangerous EMF waves -- are every day household items we use, every day!

10 Major Sources of the High EMF Radiation Stress are:

1. Cell Phones: Some research studies suggest that use of cell phones may cause brain tumors due to the EMF they emit.

2. Cordless Phones: It has been shown that these phones emit as much EMFs as cell phones.

3. Automobiles: Cars produce EMFs that are emitted the most from under the dashboard where you place your feet or from under the driver or passenger seat. It has been shown that these EMFs can cause you to become drowsy and tired.

4. Computers & Computer Monitors: Most of us are being showered for hours each day by massive levels of EMF radiation from our computer workstations and monitors. The rear of tube monitors emit the highest levels of radiation. If you are working in a large work area with workstations behind you are at highest risk. Even if you work by yourself at home or in your office, you are still being exposed to EMF.

5. Cell Phone Repeater Towers: These towers transmit the same EMF our cell phones use and can increase stress on our physiology.

6. Airplanes: For those who travel by plane you are exposed to very high levels of EMF for long periods of time, especially on continental and overseas flights. A common harmful effect of this exposure is jet lag.

7. High Tension Wires: Studies have shown living close to electrical wire transformers and wiring have caused diseases of high magnitude.

8. Hair Dryers: Every day when you blow-dry your hair you are exposing yourself to an immensely dangerous blast of EMFs.

9. Florescent Lighting: We have testimonials from individuals who have been so sensitive to EMF that they can spend only short periods of time in places that have florescent lighting such as offices, grocery and big department stores. Maybe they are the lucky ones because they actually feel the impact of EMFs! Most aren't readily aware of such stress while it takes it's toll.

10. Electrical Equipment/Compressors: Equally damaging to individuals are the EMFs produced by equipment in stores like freezers and coolers in grocery stores.

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