"The Maker's Diet" 40 day health experience helps you accomplish THREE MAJOR HEALTH OBJECTIVES:

* STABILIZATION OF BLOOD SUGAR AND INSULIN LEVELS, leading to balanced energy levels, healthy weight management, better mood, improved mental performance and concentration, as well as balanced hormones.

* REDUCTION OF INFLAMMATION, resulting in fewer aches and pains, and a decreased risk of deseases such as cancer and heart disease.

* TOTAL BODY DETOXIFICATION, reducing levels of harmful toxins and microorganisms; this leads to improved digestion, enhanced immune system health and a decrease in allergies.

While many people lose an average of ten to fifteen pounds in the first 40 days, The Maker's Diet is so much more than a weight loss program. The Maker's Diet starts where other diets end, giving a readmap that leads them on the path to lifelong wellness.
Helpful Nutritional Supplements for MAKER'S DIET

Maker's Diet Book

Clenzology Advanced Hygiene System Kit

Living Multi Optimal Formula

Cod Liver Oil - 8 oz.

Perfect Food Powder Super Green Formula

Super Seed Powder

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