Infections are the starting point of many illnesses and often are not serious enough for medical attention. However, besides the kind that come come from normal everyday wear and tear like cuts and minor wounds, infections can result in a wide variety of serious illnesses, including swollen glands or tonsils, sore throat, colds, hay fever, gangrene, encephalitis and viral pneumonia. White blood cells, lymph cells, and antibodies mobilize to prevent any bacteria, virus or toxin from entering the body. An adequate diet is essential for the maintenance and reinforcement of these defenses. Symptoms of an infection may be fever, aching joints, redness, inflammation and pus.

Nutrients may be helpful. Antioxidant nutrients like Living Multi C, Zinc Plus, and Magnesium Chelates are all helpful.

Stress rapidly depletes the body of many nutrients, including the B complex and C vitamins. Consider Living Multi for these nutrients in whole food form, easiest to assimilate. Vitamin C aids the adrenal glands in stimulating the production of antibodies and white blood cells. These nutrients are vital for the formation of antibodies. In addition, Olive Leaf extract directly destroys bacteria, viruses and toxins.

Vitamin A, found in Cod Liver Oil, is important for the antibody production and in preventing and clearing up infections of the skin, cornea of the eye, and the mucous membranes that line all body cavities. The vitamin A blood level drops very low during infections and often much is lost in the urine. Cortisone and other drugs given for infections can deplete the body of this vitamin. If antibiotics are taken, probiotics like Primal Defense are necessary to replace the intestinal bacteria that are destroyed.

Diet is important. The body's natural defensive substances are made of protein, and therefore recovery from any infection will be prevented unless sufficient amounts of complete protein are obtained. Limiting nicotine, alcohol, sugar and food additives in the diet is recommended, since they impair immunity. Broccoli, strawberries, tomatoes, green leafy and orange vetetables, whole grains, oyster, liver, beans (lentil), cheddar cheese, eggs, mackerel, pork, oranges, black currants and green peppers are all good choices.

If an individual is too ill to eat, acidosis may develop, causing irritability, headaches, and nausea. Ingesting small amounts of complex carbohydrates, such as fruit or any food containing natural sugar every few hours may alleviate this condition.
Echinacea Premium has strong immune modulating activity and preventive properties for conditions such as influenza, colds, septic processes, particularly those of a chronic or recurrent nature. During acute phases, use 4-6 tablets for 3-4 days, the 2 a day. Echinacea can be taken long-term without any problem, contrary to popular belief.
Helpful Nutritional Supplements for INFECTIONS

Olive Leaf Extract

Living Multi Optimal Formula

Living Vitamin C

Zinc Supreme

Cod Liver Oil - 8 oz.

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