Chronic digestive diseases usually involve an intestinal condition characterized by a combination of abdominal pain; constipation; diarrhea; increase secretion of colon-related mucus; and dyspeptic symptoms such as flatulence, nausea, anorexia and varying degrees of anxiety and depression. Each condition has specific causes and symptoms as well. Celiac disease is characterized by gluten intolerance and severe wasting. Crohn's disease is a condition in which the intestinal wall thickens and causes narrowing of the bowel channel, blocking the intestinal tract. Diverticulitis is inflammation of an abnormal pouch or sac opening from a hollow organ (as the intestine or bladder). Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a functional disorder of the large intestine with no evidence of accompanying structural defect. Ulcerative colitis is a nonspecific inflammatory disease of the colon of unknown cause characterized by diarrhea with discharge of mucus and blood, cramping abdominal pain, and inflammation and edema of the mucus membrane with patches of ulceration. An ulcer involves a break in the gastrointestinal mucous membrane with loss of surface tissue, disintegration and necrosis of epithelial tissue.

The onset for chronic digestive diseases peak during young adulthood, although gastrointestinal ulcers afflict persons of all ages.

Natural remedies for IBS, ulcerative colitis and other chronic digestive illness involve the: Restoration of the balance of friendly bacteria to the gastrointestinal tract is essential to recovery. The complete avoidance of disaccharide-containing foods such as grains, most beans, sugar, maple syrup, non-cultured fluid dairy products (milk and ice cream), potatoes and corn is a must in order to heal the digestive tract and improve microbial balance.

Because people with chronic digestive diseases (Crohn's, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Celiac Disease and Ulcerative Colitis) appear to have a predisposed weakness in their intestinal tracts, other natural remedies for IBS, ulcerative colitis and other chronic digestive disorders it is strongly recommended nthat they adhere to a diet high in dark green vegetables, good quality protein, healthy fats. Eliminate all processed foods, sugars,and white oils and hydrogenated fats.


Primal Defense: Start with one caplet per day on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before or one hour after meals. Increase usage by adding one additional caplet per day (i.e. one caplet the first day, two the second day, three the third day and so on). Once your dosage is up to 12 caplets per day, stay on that amount for a minimum of 3 months and then begin to gradually decrease to a maintenance dosage of between three to six caplets per day. Primal Defense is best taken first thing in the morning and right before bedtime with eight ounces of pure water. Primal Defense may be taken with other nutritional supplements, but should be taken one hour apart from medications. If you experience symptoms of detoxification (i.e. increased elimination, loose stools, constipation, excess gas, flu-like symptoms or fever), reduce the dosage and work up slowly to 12 per day.

Omega-Zyme: Take one to three caplets with each meal or snack.

FYI: Take six caplets two times per day on an empty stomach for one to four weeks, followed by 12 caplets per day for three to six months, and then reduce to a maintenance level of three caplets per day. If a relapse or "flare-up" occurs, take 12 caplets per day for at least one week or until symptoms are under control.

Perfect Food: Take two tablespoons or 5 caplets twice daily with eight ounces water or fresh vegetable juice.

Goatein: The only protein powder on the market made from organically produced goat's milk. This protein powder is partially pre-digested, low temperature dried and is usually well tolerated by those with food allergies and digestive problems. Take one to four tablespoons per day mixed in water, juice, smoothies, yogurt or can be used in baking. (For those with known milk allergies and/or lactose intolerance it is best to add Goatein once symptoms have begun to improve.)


For people who have or may have imbalanced intestinal flora, avoiding contact with chlorinated water is of utmost importance. This includes bathing/shower water and drinking water. Chlorine kills bacteria, friendly and unfriendly in the intestines. It can be absorbed through the skin. Two products to help eliminate chlorine are:

Counter-top Drinking Water Filter

Shower Filter

Helpful Nutritional Supplements for CHRONIC DIGESTIVE DISEASE

Primal Defense Caplets

OmegaZyme, 90 & 180 Caplets

Perfect Food Powder Super Green Formula


Goatein Protein Powder

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