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Happy PMS Natural Progesterone Cream can help with the symptoms and diseases caused by Estrogen Dominance.

Fibrocystic breast disease, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis -- these are words any woman dreads hearing from the mouth of her physician. Yet it seems that so many more women are hearing these words today than just a generation ago. The increase in how many times these diagnoses are uttered is confusing because so much money has been given for research over the years. Are we no closer to answers or cures than before the research started? Standard drug and surgery treatments seem helpless against these diseases, with the exception of the "hair of the dog" treatment discussed below. Can natural healing offer any tools to combat these ills?

First, we must look at the root cause of these related conditions - what generates fibrosis?

We know of two causes:

1. Trauma, (i.e. accidents, strains/sprains, contusions, surgery, damage to tissue caused by disease)

2. Estrogen (being estrogen dominant)

Some experts believe that ALL women's fibrosis diseases are driven at least in part by estrogen dominance.

Why then do some physician's prescribe estrogen to treat a fibrocystic disease? Why would a physician give the very thing that is creating the illness to begin with? First, for those who have been treated with estrogen, did the conditions resolve? Or, is surgery now the result of the treatment not working?

For so many years, orthodox medicine has prescribed pharmaceutical estrogen for women's fibrosis diseases. Many women received no cure or relief from this treatment and sometimes, undergo surgery needlessly. There is often a better way to treat and prevent these diseases.

Though increasing numbers of studies are finding estrogen and estrogen-replacement therapy to be the cause of everything from fibrosis to cancer, it is far from common knowledge. It is not commonly known, for example, that the estrogen variant Estradiol is listed as a known carcinogen. As new studies emerge, the makers of estrogen variants are scrambling to develop new estrogens to undo the damage that has been done. The drug Tamoxifen, a drug that interferes with the activity of estrogen in the body, is being used to prevent recurrences of breast cancer. It seems to work well, but it also seems to have an unfortunate, seldom discussed, by-product. Patients using the drug often have a higher occurrence of cervical and uterine cancer than do patients not using the drug.

The most surprising result of this scramble by pharmaceutical companies is the attempt to shift the blame from estrogen to progesterone. Progesterone is a woman's most benign, protective and beneficial hormone in the fight against breast cancer. Some research has found that breast cancer patients have large numbers of empty progesterone receptors. The conclusion drawn from this discovery is that progesterone had something to do with causing the disease. This research was accurate, however this conclusion is not. This research actually confirms the idea of estrogen dominance.

When tissues are overloaded with estrogen, they create more estrogen receptors to fill. Each new estrogen receptor has a corresponding progesterone receptor. These empty progesterone filters are begging to be filled, to bring the system into balance and correct the abundance of estrogen. If there are too many estrogen receptors, there will be too many progesterone receptors.

With increased research, evidence is mounting in favor or condemning all types of supplemental estrogen; from those derived from horse urine to isoflavones found in soy and black cohosh. To control fibrosis related illnesses, it is important to control the estrogen in the body. For those who are post-menopausal, that may mean hot flashes. It may mean a choice between hot flashes or a higher risk of cancer.

Orthodox medicine is often years, even decades, behind natural medicine. For example, Official Medicine has just begun discussing the fact that good cholesterols do exist, though Natural Medicine has known this for more than 40 years. Avoid becoming a statistic while waiting form conventional medicine to discover the truth about estrogen and hormone replacement therapy!

The root cause of these conditions is estrogen dominance. Even those that are post-menopausal can be estrogen dominant, because menopause starts a physiological chain reaction. Menopause only lowers the body's production of estrogen. Then, because one no longer menstruates, removing the possibility of pregnancy, progesterone is no longer produced. Finally, the body thinks the libido is no longer needed and stops making testosterone. This means that the only sexual hormone left is estrogen - the "I'm grouchy, I'm depressed, my moods are swinging and I"m gaining weight from my waist to my knees" hormone.

Happy PMS Natural Progesterone Cream controls and balances the production of estrogen, improves mood, fights depression, increases bone density more effectively than estrogen and can increase libido.

Directions for use: Everyone is different. Some women require more progesterone cream to alleviate symptoms, while others can use less. For the first 3 months, use 1/4 teaspoon twice per day after ovulation (which is generally 12-14 days from the first day of menstrual flow) until day 26. You do not use natural progesterone while menstruating; however if you experience menstrual cramps try rubbing a small amount of cream on the lower abdomen. For migraines, rub cream on the back of your neck. After 3 months, reduce the amount of cream. Women, who are not menstruating or have had a hysterectomy, use 1/8 teaspoon twice a day for three weeks each month.

If there is a possibility you are pregnant, do not stop using the cream until you take a pregnancy blood test at day 26. If negative, then stop using cream and resume days 12-thru-26 schedule.

Happy PMS

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